Clear Contact Lenses

Eye destination jaipur, provide a wide range of Clear contact lenses that fulfill the expectations of comfort and visual clarity any one can expect from the modern day eye lenses. Some of the most popular contact lenses under this brand are Clear 55A, Clear 58 and Clear All-Day.

Choose a pair of lenses according to your requirements.

Material and Water Content
The material used for manufacturing the Clear contact lenses differs from one type to another. While methafilcon A is used for manufacturing Clear 55A contact lenses, Clear 58 are manufactured using etafilcon A. Clear All-Day contact lenses are made up of hioxifilcon A.
Similalry, all the contact lenses under the Clear brand differ in terms of material and water content available in them. Clear 55A has 55% of water and 45% of methafilcon A, whereas, Clear 58 has 58% of water and remaining 42% as etafilcon A. Clear All-Day contact lenses have 57% water content and 43% hioxifilcon A present in them.

Other Characteristics
The Clear contact lenses are designed in aspheric shape. Most of the contact lenses under this brand are tinted to add shades of colors to them. However, this characteristic has no negative effect on the eyes of the individual using them. These lenses are disposable and can be used for up to one or two weeks.
Packed in a buffered saline solution, these lenses offer resistance towards infections. Also, these contact lenses are designed to be durable, so that they can easily resist any type of damage. At the same time, the Clear contact lenses are soft enough to add high level of comfort to your eyes.

Taking Care of Lenses
In order to take care of the Clear contact lenses, you can think of buying the lens cleaning solution. These solutions help to disinfect the lenses against the infection-causing germs. In addition, these solutions can also be helpful in removing the proteins that are deposited on the lenses due to their daily usage.