Computer Vision Syndrome

Special services for computer users who use computers for more than 3 Hrs per day regularly and develop eye discomfort, fatigue, headache and other symptom.

More than 175 million Indians now use computers in the workplace. Computers have indeed become the integral part of life for many in one or the other way. This widespread use has created a new occupational health disorder called "computer vision syndrome (CVS)".
The American Optometric Association (AOA) has defined computer vision syndrome as eye or vision problems associated with "near work" performed during use of a computer. Another definition for computer vision syndrome, developed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), adds that prolonged computer use is a key component of computer vision syndrome.

Prevalence and Severity

Using a computer for more than 2 hours per day can cause symptoms of computer vision syndrome. These symptoms occur in approximately 75% to 90% of computer users.1 In comparison, only 22% of computer workers report musculoskeletal disorders.1 The AOA estimates that 12 million visits to eye doctors each year are a result of computer-related problems. This translates to 1 of every 5 patients who seek eye examinations.2 Some optometrists have referred to computer vision syndrome as a possible occupational epidemic of the 211st century.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) Symptoms

Eyestrain (Non-Specific Ocular Discomfort)

Difficulty in Focusing


Dry or Irritated Eyes


Neck and/or Backaches

Blurred Vision

Diplopia (Double Vision)

The known triggers for computer vision syndrome are :

  • Inadequate office lighting.
  • Glare.
  • Improperly designed computer work stations.
  • Poor body postures.
  • Uncorrected vision.
  • Direct contact with Air Conditioners.
  • Inadequate Breaks and Blinking


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