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  • 15% of school children are either far-sighted or near-sighted. These problems typically occur between the age of six and adolescence. Inability to read the blackboard, squinting, difficulty in reading and sitting to close to TV are the common signs seen among such children.
  • On an average at least four children in every classroom can’t control their eye movements at close distances and as a result they fight double vision everyday especially while reading. As the print blurs and moves they stumble over words, lose their place and can’t comprehend. Out of desperation they give up and quit ultimately which causes poor performance in school. Many a times these children remain illiterate even in higher classes like fourth and fifth.
  • 20% of the students (especially girls) in higher grades from 9th to 12th std is the inability to do continuous reading for long time, headaches, eye strain and inability to concentrate for longer durations.
  • Unfortunately vision problems in these children frequently go overlooked by parents and teachers due to negligence, lack of awareness about deficient eye and need of spectacles. But if caught early, such eye conditions can often be reversed with the use of spectacles and vision therapy.

These problems are generally overlooked by teachers and parents because the child has completely normal vision for distance and near and so according to them child is just not interested in studies and trying to run away from it, whereas child has very severe problem with the eye muscles, which get fatigued and strained on near work like reading and computer use.
This problem is very easily treatable by vision therapy which ultimately improves the concentration levels of the student.
Gift your kid a world of better vision. We in jaipur provide Eye care for kids.

We at The Eye Destination care for your kid’s eyes and are constantly working on better technologies to provide a perfect environment for eye care.
Early detection is the best cure for vision correction.

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