Who needs vision therapy?

All can benefit from more efficient vision.
Is This You?
  • Read a lot?
  • Computer user?
  • Learning disabled?
  • An athlete? Nearsighted?
  • Farsighted?

Anyone interested in improving their vision naturally can benefit from Vision Therapy . We provide Specialist services for vision therapy in jaipur, we also organized various vision therapy programs in jaipur.

What is Vision Therapy?

Having a daily routine of eye exercises is becoming more relevant these days with the dramatic onset of computer use, and overall close-up work required daily for students and professionals. Eye exercises help maintain healthy vision, reduce or eliminate the effects of eyestrain, and ultimately help to preserve eyesight.
Vision therapy, a type of physical therapy for the eyes and brain, is a highly effective non-surgical treatment for many common visual problems such as lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, convergence insufficiency and some reading and learning disabilities.

Vision therapy is --

  • A progressive program of vision "exercises" or procedures;
  • Performed under doctor supervision;
  • Individualized to fit the visual needs of each patient;
  • Conducted in-office, in once or twice weekly sessions of 30 minutes to one hour;
  • Sometimes supplemented with procedures done at home between office visits ("home reinforcement" or "homework");
  • Help patients develop or improve fundamental visual skills and abilities;
  • Improve visual comfort, ease, and efficiency; Change how a patient processes or interprets visual information.

There are three main categories of vision therapy:

1. Orthoptic vision therapy - eye exercises to improve binocular function Orthoptic eye exercises are used by pediatric ophthalmologists and orthoptists, while optometrists call it orthoptic vision therapy. When pediatric ophthalmologists and orthoptists prescribe orthoptic eye exercises the exercises are taught in the office and carried out at home.

2. Behavioral/perceptual vision therapy - eye exercises to improve visual processing and visual perception

3. Vision therapy for prevention or correction of myopia (nearsightedness)

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