Specialty Contact Lenses

 Specialty Contact Lenses For Eyes With Special Conditions

There are many new inovations in contact lenses allowing for corrected vision for humans with all types of eye problems. Some of the newer innovations include contact lenses for astigmatism, large eyes, and other unusual conditions such as photophobia or sensitivity to light. With today's technology, specialty contact lenses are made specifically to accomodate people with special eye conditions.

Astigmatism is the caused due to front surface of the eye(cornea) is improperly shaped. Most corneas are shaped like a basketball and are round in appearance an astigmatism causes the cornea to be shaped like a football and be more oval in appearance. Astigmatism runs mostly in families and causes the light to be focused on more than one point in the eye and causes blurred vision at distances near and far. Contact lenses normally rotate when someone blinks, but to correct an astigmatism they stay in place when someone blinks. This allows the light to stay focused on one point and allows the user to maintain perfect vision.

Keratoconus occurs most commonly during teen ages to the early twenties. This is when the cornea begins to become more cone shaped then round and makes wearing contacts much more difficult then regular eyes. Contact lenses for this disorder need to be gas permeable and retain a rigid shape. Another option are hybrid gas permeable lenses, which have a hard inner center around the cornea with a soft outer ring like most contemporary lenses this allows for a more comfortable fit to the eye and lets the user correct their vision without a painful rigid contact lense being used.

Another type of disorder specialty contacts are being made to treat is giant papillary conjunctivitis. This is when there is an inflammatory reaction caused by the protein contained in tears. The most common treatment for this disorder is to start using daily throw away contacts as this does not let the protein build up as much, another option is to use gas permeable rigid lenses as the protein does not adhere as easily to this type of lense. Photophobia is a disorder, which causes an extreme sensitivity to light, where most people cannot even go outside during the daytime hours as they will not be able to see.
The most common cure for this disorder is to use very high grade ultra-violet light protective sunglasses this will allow the amount of light to be severely reduced and provide the protection most light sensitive people will need. In extreme cases prothestic lenses can be made they are designed to reduce the amount of light that is let in, while being colored to look like your own eyes.